gorgeous guy's clothes

Gorgeous Clothes

Gorgeous guy's clothes

In the meantime - check out the FABULOUS
range of Gal's 'n' Guy's clothes made
especially for Swing, Rock 'n' Roll
& Rockabilly dancers
Mary's Retro Gear
Yes - you've guessed right
These threads are made by Mary Busuttil,
the previous co-owner of Gorgeous
And if you're one of Mary's many previous
customers, then you'll be aware this
means they're guaranteed quality,
stylish & exceptionally well made
To check them out for yourself - go to:

Immediately below is a bit of a "sneak preview"
for some of Mary's petticoats, skirts, pants,
gal's shirts & guy's shirts

Mary's Retro Gear

Mary's Retro Gear
Ladies Skirts 'n' Pants

Mary's Retro Gear
Ladies Swing, Rockabilly,
Bowling & Retro Shirts

Mary's Retro Gear
Men's Swing, Rockabilly,
Bowling & Retro Shirts

BTW - Mary has been making "Retro-Style"
& "Bowling-Style" shirts since 1990
That's 13½ YEARS before "Two & a Half Men"
first appeared on your TV screens - &
well before Charlie Sheen wore them
Matching his 'n' hers also available
You can contact Mary at:
03 9305 6509       (Australia)
0414 811 081       (Australia)
+61 3 9305 6509  (International)
+61 414 811 081  (International)

Gorgeous Contact Details

Lynne & Mal Hemming
Unit 2,  1A Park Avenue
Rosebud West,  Vic,
3940,  Australia.

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      mob:  0468 548 719
     International Info:
     tel:    +61 3 5986 3890
     fax:   +61 3 9830 0233
     cell:  +61 468 548 719

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I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype, Michael Powell, chairman, Federal Communications Commission, explained. When the inventors of KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and its free its over.    The world will change now inevitably.
Fortune Magazine, February 16, 2004

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