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gorgeous "clown" shoes

Scroll down this page for the complete
selection of quality street & clown
shoes from Rockabillity shoes

Gorgeous Shoes

The gorgeous privacy policy
Put simply, we will always respect your privacy
Absolutely nobody will get your email, name, address,
telephone number or any other info you provide us
This policy is "set in concrete" - as it should be


and now for something completely different

"Clown" Shoes
 (yes, you did read it correctly)

"Rockabillity" also make a range of different & krazy
shoe styles especially for professional clowns
But if you're not a clown but "want to make an impression",
then these will certainly achieve that for you
"Clown" shoes by their very nature reflect the individual
"personality" of each clown & are invariably a little
different from any other clown's shoes
the examples shown below can be modified accordingly,
or alternatively, new designs can be made, or you
can even design your own special shoes











the designs & styles that can be made are only limited
by your imagination - contact us for details...

Available in a wide range of fashion & "krazy" colours at no extra cost,
see swatches on our Rockabillity page at: ROCKABILLITY SHOES

Swatches have been scanned & are as close as possible to the true colours,
& the actual leathers have a lot more "pizzaz" than what's shown here
Approximately every 3 to 4 weeks, we visit local Leather Merchants looking for
"interesting" leathers we believe will appeal to our gorgeous customers
The Merchants visit tanneries right across the world, but sometimes there's only
2 or 3 skins available, & once they're gone, they're usually "gone forever"
This means that the colours shown here are not necessarily available at
any given time - especially as some are in very limited supply
But this also means that if there's any colours not shown here that you'd like
on your shoes - then let's know just in case we can source for you


Can I wear my Rockabillity Clown shoes
as a normal street shoe ???
Yes - if you have the "nerve" to do so  :-)
You can wear your Clown shoes absolutely ANYWHERE
you like - when you're performing, inside, outside,
rain, hail or shine - it doesn't matter
You can even wear them as a swing, rockabily
or rock 'n' roll dance shoe
Not available with chrome-suede or greenhide soles

We're very well experienced in getting shoe sizes
correct - the FIRST time, EVERY time
We achieve this by "talking through" sizing issues
direct with all our customers world-wide
We've only got it wrong 3 times in 10 years supplying
shoes to hundreds of customers in 62 Countries &
we obviously exchanged for the right size
 If we don't send the right size for you, then we will
exchange & refund your return postage


Gorgeous have many Vegan customers worldwide,
because there's a wide choice from our BLEYER range

More info about our Vegan range at:

Are you searching for gorgeous
gear prices on our site, but
you can't find any  ???

gorgeous carries around 150 shoe styles with a “squillion”
colour combinations - and more than 350 other lines
including: guys 'n' gals clothes, belts, bracers,
towels, sox, ties, jackets, figurines, etc...
Our gorgeous shoes 'n' clothes are now being worn in
62 Countries, & we deal in 15 major currencies - so it's
 virtually impossible to list all the individual prices in
all the currencies in a "non-confusing" manner...
Email us advising which Country or Australian State you're
from & we'll email you a Price List in your own currency...

gorgeous Gift Vouchers

Almost everbody has Gift Vouchers - but they can be so "boring"
Yes, the "thought" is there, & you'd like to give the receiver
some "choice" - however, they can often seem like:
" I couldn't think of anything else to give you, so this will do"
Which of course, defeats the whole purpose of your gift
Wouldn't it be great if you could still give someone "choice",
without losing that all important "personal touch"
Well - now you can
gorgeous offers Gift Vouchers which can be designed to your
requirements - & which can also be "personalized" with
photos of the recipient - & that's a worldwide first
gorgeous Gift Vouchers are a "gorgeous innovation", & they're
available in ANY currency & can be used from ANY Country
They can obviously be emailed to ANYWHERE in the world
More info & heaps of examples & details are at:

Gorgeous Contact Details

Lynne & Mal Hemming
Unit 2,  1A Park Avenue
Rosebud West,  Vic,
3940,  Australia.

      Australian Info:
      tel:      03 5986 3890
      fax:     03 9830 0233
      mob:  0468 548 719
     International Info:
     tel:    +61 3 5986 3890
     fax:   +61 3 9830 0233
     cell:  +61 468 548 719

You can talk to us at gorgeous from your computer absolutely FREE
It's just like talking over the telephone - but you don't have to pay
those horrendously expensive international phone call rates
"Skype" can be downloaded at: - & once you've
installed it, you can then speak to us completely FREE

You can even call people who don't have "Skype" or a computer
Yes, it does cost you a little, but we really do mean "a little" - & it's
also considerably less than those International Phone Cards
Costs of a 30 minute call between the following Countries & Australia
  USD  $0.76
New Zealand:
  NZD  $0.99
  CAD  $0.77
South Africa:
  ZAR  R5.18
United Kingdom:
  GBP  £0.48
  JPY  ¥63.58
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  CNY  ¥5.04
Details are on the "Skype" site - under "SkypeOut"
If you have a webcam, we can even "eyeball" while we're talking
with "Skype" video calling  - & this is also completely FREE
In the course of our gorgeous business, we make hundreds of
calls each year to our customers - right across the world
As you can probably tell, we're absolutley rapt with "Skype" - it's
a fabulous, easy to use utility - & it's saving us a "bundle"

“I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype,” Michael Powell, chairman, Federal Communications Commission, explained. “When the inventors of KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it’s free – it’s over.    The world will change now inevitably.”
Fortune Magazine, February 16, 2004

gorgeous are located "down under"
in Melbourne, Australia
The current time here is:
Please note time differences between
where "we are" - & where "you are"
if you intend to skype or phone us
If you "click" on the clock, it will open a new window
showing you the Day & Date here in Australia